Let's work on water together.
We all need water, and it's running low.
We're all gonna have to work together, to make this work for all of us.
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our guiding light
1. Water is life.
2. Our relationship with water is broken.
3. The path forward is through community.

Who we are

Work on Water is a community of people who are concerned about the water crisis within the climate crisis. We're collectively focusing our efforts toward opportunities to make an impact.

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What we do

Work on Water supports communities navigating drought conditions in the US West. We empower citizens to be water-aware and implement water conservation practices in their homes and businesses.

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meet the moment

Work on Water

A new relationship with water.
Many Americans have lost touch with water. We act like it's an infinite resource that will always be clean.
We need to acknowledge its scarcity and relate to water in more thoughtful, careful ways.

It takes a village!
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